3F Bookkeeping Solutions was founded with the vision of providing an invaluable service to some of the bravest and brightest minds in our community — small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The 3Fs

The so-called 3F Lifestyle is based on the three lifelong and universal pursuits:

Freedom, Finances, Family

Those who follow and advocate for this lifestyle have realized and know in their heart of hearts that these are the true major priorities of their life. They not only acknowledge it, but actively overcome the numerous hurdles to achieve what many might consider just a dream.

One of the leading reasons why many people make the big decision to start their own business is in pursuit of these key life principles. In order for these businesses to succeed in the long-term, they must first gain control of what they might dread the most — their financial position.

At 3F Bookkeeping Solutions (3FBS), we believe that we can provide the greatest service to small business owners and entrepreneurs by genuinely listening to their business (and life) goals and providing effective solutions to their current financial issues. As your Bookkeeping Professional, our mission is to become the ever-reliable advisor that’s suited to the high-level needs of your business.​

The 3FBS Promises

  • Timely and accurate books supported with source documentation
  • Guided presentation of the 3 major financial statements (3Fs)
  • Transparency in numbers and methods of analysis
  • Improved bookkeeping workflow and processes customized to Client
  • Unlimited support & training to ensure Client’s understanding of the books

We don’t just do your books, we build relationships!